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Asεsεgua and the pillars of a free republic

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Osagyefo Dr Kwame Nkrumah, as the Chief Architect of the 1st Republic, established the Asεsεgua (Stool) /Office of the President as an efficient instrument for use by the senior-most citizen in his/her agenda of building the Republic and elevating the quality of life for Ghanaian households to a standard of perfection. His legacy continues to transcend the conscience of nation builders and serves as a reminder that statesmanship is a noble and worthwhile pursuit where it is possible to realise one’s higher-self by virtue of servitude to humanity.

The birth of a Free Republic was a symbolic manifestation of Ghanaian advancement, as the Third Parliament, exalted to an eminent degree of autonomy, was now governed by the Asεsεgua upon the departure of the erstwhile colonial Governor-General, the Earl of Listowell. This had been as a result of a plebiscite held in April 1960. An emblem of Ghanaian Sovereignty, the Asεsεgua represents a connexion between the sacrifice of our forbearers and the citizenry. Through the observation of traditional etiquette, the esoteric rite of the President’s installation expresses reverence for the Supreme Being and acknowledges dependence on our ancestors, without whose divine intercession, our political misfortunes would have prolonged.

As the grip of poverty can only be loosened and eventually eradicated by quality public administration, the Senior-most public servant, propelled to the Asεsεgua by the hand of the Citizenry, appoints and advances fellow citizens/stool-carriers to participation in the same noble profession to enhance the welfare of the Republic. On the 2 July 1960, the 1st Parliament of the Republic assembled to elect a Speaker and Deputy Speaker by Presidential proclamation. Later that day, Osagyefo assumed the office of Commander-In-Chief of the armed forces. On 4 July, however, in a classic demonstration of aesthetic African pomp and pageantry, Osagyefo was welcomed by traditional Talking drums and a 21-gun salute by the Ghana Reconnaissance Squadron, after which he inspected the Third Battalion of the Ghana Regiment. He was escorted to the House by eight linguists drawn from the various provinces, a State Sword Bearer and the Mace Bearer. Horns sounded from the Juaben State Nhatera before he assumed the Asεsεgua. As the sun set on Accra, Osagyefo set ablaze the flame of African freedom and proclaimed the Republic of Ghana.

The Asεsεgua regulates the President’s prescribed modes of action, amidst a multiplicity of options, by the laws that govern Asase Yaa (Earth) and the omnipresence of Nyigbla or Twereduampon (Supreme Being), which reminds the operating elements of the Stool that account will be given for service to fellow citizens through this transitory sojourn of life. As the axis of political relations, it must remain the principal unifying element of all the Provinces that constitute the Republic. The might of the Afesa-nta (State Sword) should purposefully foster a cultural, political and economic interdependence amongst the various Provinces, through equity in the distribution of resources across the Republic — each Province serving as a unique Pillar of the Free Republic.

Source: Vincent Letsa Kobla Djokoto

Forget eggnog, Ghanaians sip local drinks at Christmas

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Accra (AFP) – Come December and Ghana’s coastal capital, Accra, is abuzz with people celebrating the holidays over a glass of Kokroko, pito or palm wine.

For Ghanaians, it is traditional and locally made drinks that have been resurrected or often given a new twist that are de rigueur during the festive season.

This month is all about “parties, drinking and enjoying”, says artist Tijana Jawarah Ali, sipping a scarlet Kokroko cocktail at a bar in Osu, the beating heart of Accra’s nightlife.

The Kokroko is made with the Ghanaian spirit akpeteshie, a liquor that comes from sugar cane and is common in rural areas but is being repurposed by the glitziest bars and restaurants.

At the Republic Bar, the cocktail is made with crushed ice and sobolo, a drink made from hibiscus leaves.

Co-owner Raja Owusu-Ansah set up the venue in 2012 with the express hope of one day being able to show off local spirits, such as akpeteshie.

When he was growing up, akpeteshie used to be served on special occasions in Ghana and he said he wanted to bring it into the mainstream.

Artisan akpeteshie distillers now produce the bar’s own brand, relying on local farmers along the coast to supply the sugar cane.

The result is a clear liquid, with a sweet aroma and flavour, similar to Brazil’s Cachaca, Owusu-Ansah says.


– Pito time –

In the nearby harbour city of Tema, Ghanaians battle the heavy festive season traffic to grab a seat at Pito House.

For over three decades at her neighbourhood bar, 67-year-old grandmother Veronica Dakurah has been making her famous pito, a brew from dried sorghum and water.

Pito has substance; it’s not carbonated but has a lingering sour aftertaste.

Dakurah serves her pito in a calabash — a container made out of a hollowed gourd — or serves it in plastic bottles, both in the bar and to take away.

Large iron cauldrons of her brown liquid brew for hours over an open fire made from wood and bamboo.

Dakurah knows that demand will likely increase as the holidays reach a crescendo and partygoers flock to clubs and beaches to dance under the stars.

“They know that pito has no chemicals, that’s why they like it,” she said, all the while patrons coming in and out of her simple bar.

She serves two versions, one with alcohol and the other without.

Pito, a drink traditionally served in the country’s arid north, is becoming more popular in the south.

John Buabassah, a truck driver working in Tema, regularly comes in for a pito and chats with other people on the simple wooden benches.

He sits with farmer Mamudu Sully and security guard John Acquah who both extoll the virtues of the drink.

“I take pito and I feel strong all the time!” said Acquah, punching the air.

– Hibiscus beer and palm wine –

The enthusiasm for local drinks has flowed into the beer market.

Traditionally, the beer market in Accra has been dominated by the big multinationals, such as Guinness Breweries Star beer and SAB Miller’s Club lager, which are found everywhere from high-end hotels to shacks by the sea.

But professional brewer Clement Djameh is increasingly receiving requests for his small batch beers, including his full-bodied golden caramel-coloured pale ale made with malted sorghum.

Between parties, weddings and funerals, Djameh says he can’t keep up with demand.

His Inland Microbrewery, set up in the outskirts of Accra in 2003, was the city’s first microbrewery and occupies the bottom floor of a large house.

Meanwhile, thousands of kilometres away in Washington, in the United States, others are following suit.

Recognising the potential of a beer with African flavours, entrepreneur Kofi Meroe and his partner have made Hypebiscus pale ale, a premium craft beer with a floral top note of hibiscus.

Meroe and his partner, who both grew up across West Africa, hope one day to sell their beer in Accra.

“The market is very nascent in countries like Ghana, but it’s growing and the recent launch of a few strong local brands is an indication of that,” said Meroe.

Demand is coming too from Ghanaians living abroad.

Just outside Accra, Steve Ocloo, of Nkulenu Industries, is bottling palm wine for export, to be served on tables from Rio de Janeiro to London.

“It would bring back the sweet memories that they will have of the natural palm wine at home,” he said.


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Lokko House is proud to announce that they have made it to the 10 year mark! During this decade, they have been able to provide products, services and experiences as well as play a central part in the creative community that has been growing here in Ghana.
They  acknowledge your love and support during the years and they have put together the most amazing experience to say the biggest thank you to each and every one of you.




19th December 2018
Est.2008 | an art exhibition. 6pm, The Container Accra

22nd December 2018
Lokkofied | a house party. 10am to 10pm. Lokko House*

22nd December 2018
TWC + Friends | Rave. 10pm. The Warehouse, Lokko House *



*On December 22nd, 2018 through to December 23rd, 2018 all events will take place at the Lokko House. These will include a Lokko House Market, Lokko Food Court, Lokko Live Music, Lokko Workshops, Lokko Games and Lokko Entertainment for the entire family. More details on the events of the day will be published on our website so come back to check!

Colossium entertainment and digital magazine releases December issue

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Friday, 14 December 2018 — Accra, Ghana — Colossium Magazine, a youth focused Ghanaian lifestyle and entertainment digital magazine released its December issue.

The December issue which features two of Ghana’s top music artistes M.anifest and Adina also has contents from the areas of Fashion, Film, History and more.

The digital magazine company founded in January 2018 by Ghanaian tech entrepreneur and graphic designer, Eugene Ossei, successfully launched its 4th issue with the debut streaming of the cover interview of the December issue on Facebook on December 14, 2018 at 20:00GMT. The issue since going live has received many accolades from a cross-section of Ghanaians and personalities across the continent.

―I find it easy to read and carry around. Having my magazine on my phone is all I need‖ – Rosemary, Colossium Magazine subscriber.

―Beautiful work‖ – Emilio, Absolut Vodka.

―I just had my first read of the issue. I must say, I’m impressed with it especially the interviews‖ – Julius Jules Banda, Malawi.

Colossium Maagazine’s December issue was co-produced by Lucent Brothers Ltd, a production company headed by Franklin Gyan with support from Da Viva and la Maison (a lifestyle gallery at Osu).


The magazine is available online via this link:


Intro to SAMINI’s 7th studio album “UNTAMED” released

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un·​tamed | \ˌən-ˈtāmd  \

Definition of untamed
-not made less wild or less difficult to control :

natural, uncultivated, virgin, wild

Catch this powerful Intro to SAMINI’s 7th studio album UNTAMED

Full album avail for download from December 22nd, 2018

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Annual Creatives Art Exhibition

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This is the 4th edition of the Annual Creatives Art exhibition. The event seeks to bring Ghanaian creatives(artists, sculptors, architects etc) from all around Ghana, under one platform for the sole purpose of promoting art and appreciating talent .

The event provides a friendly atmostphere for both kids and adults. Above all, it connects artists with art lovers who become potential buyers and gives buyers the desired satisfaction they seek from mind blowing art works.

You can’t afford to miss out.

It is absolutely FREE!

Organized by NVA Marketing and promotions Ghana


Sat, Dec 15, 2018, 10:00 AM –

Sun, Dec 16, 2018, 8:00 PM WAT

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Ndoleb Event Center



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Fine Artist, Yaw Arthur to exhibit at Republic Bar 29th-31st December

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Daniel Nana Yaw Arthur-Baidoo started drawing and painting at a very early age. He attended St Thomas Aquinas Senior High School where he studied Visual Art after which he graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Art from Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST). However after graduating, he decided to join the corporate world. Thankfully, he didn’t last long there. His passion and drive for art eventually led him to reconsider his career choice after a couple of years.



Since his return to art, he has been working on perfecting his technical skills by exploring a wide range of subject matters, from the rich cultural heritage of Ghana and Africa as a whole, to modern contemporary issues such as plastic waste management (sanitation). He believes art should tell a story. Art should be informative and educative. He also works in a variety of medium such as acrylic, sawdust, stone, and plastic waste.



He has also continued to work and expand his brand by holding solo and group exhibitions in and outside Ghana. Amongst them are:

The Journey – New York, March, 2017.

Accra City Hotel – Ghana, May 2017.

Octoberfest – American Embassy, Ghana, October, 2016.

African Regent Hotel – Ghana, July 2014.

In the coming months and years, Yaw Arthur seeks to use his art as a medium to educate the people about the rich and indept history embedded in Africa and the diverse cultural heritages we have . He seeks to do this by transforming sawdust and plastic waste into installations of African symbols and motifs that will hopefully drive meaningful conversations throughout the world.

The exhibition at Republic Bar would be held on the open air street environment on the 29th to the 31st of December, 2018.

Yaw Arthur: +233-266-377-773

Insta: Yawarth




BOBI WINE ON #PEOPLEPOWER – From the AudacityTo Podcast Series by ELi A Free

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A discussion with Ghanaian artists, thinkers, activists, youth and people about what People Power is and how we can align ourselves with it. Hosted by Namata Serumaga-Musisi at the Mmofra Place with Ugandan politician, businessman, entrepreneur, philanthropist, musician, and actor Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu known by the stage name Bobi Wine.


This is part of the AudacityTo series. 

A podcast seeking to understand the creative force, its effects and they that harbour it within via ART, CULTURE and SPIRITUALITY by singer, songwriter, composer, poet and storyteller ELi A Free as part of the project “A Singing Revolution” in partnership with More Branches.

The vision= Passing on beneficial information through the stories of myself, others and our shared experiences as citizens of the world.

Interview requests / Enquiries: audacityto@gmail.com

K.O.G a.k.a Kweku of Ghana  releases ‘Change’, iZem and K.O.G’s new single on Pura Vida Sounds

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K.O.G a.k.a Kweku of Ghana and iZem a.k.a In Ze Early Morning.

Pura Vida Sounds, the brand new imprint set up by GUTS presents its second release. “Change” is a collaboration between iZem and K.O.G, two expats who capture their surrounding vibrations perfectly.

Singer and multi-instrumentalist, born in Accra (Ghana), resident in Sheffield (UK), K.O.G is constantly innovating. Leader of his own afro funk band K.O.G and The Zongo Brigade and lead vocalist for Onipa, K.O.G is a creative force, relentlessly touring and collaborating across a range of styles, from afro funk to house, dancehall and reggae to jungle.

Guitar-schooled in Spain, it is in Brazil and Argentina that iZem collaborated on multiple projects before landing in Dublin, behind two turntables and a mixer and finally ending up in Lisbon. After his first album, Hafa, released by Soundway Records, the French-Moroccan beatmaker maintains his permanent connection with Portuguese-speaking music from South America and Africa.

In this single, the lead track “Change” sees them opening the doors of creation that little bit wider. It is no accident that these two distinct voices have come together on “Change”, with K.O.G bringing his trademark vocal versatility in a unique style, drawing as much from his African roots as from Jamaican and US soul inspirations.

For lovers of simplicity or anyone who would like to put their own voice on it, Pura Vida Sounds offers the instrumental version of “Change” on the B-side of the 45 rpm.

Source: https://educateinspirechange.org