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Mr. Eazi, Kidi, Medikal, DarkoVibez, Raye and Friends Storm Republic Bar

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This holiday season many stars and personalities from all over the world have visited Republic Bar and Grill as part of their planned itinerary.

It is not very unusual for Mr. Eazi to be seen at Republic, as he normally prefers to go off the beaten track and immerse himself amongst his Ghanaian folk as best as he can. However it was very much a noticeable sight when his entire crew of friends showed up and it was nothing but love! Medikal, Kidi, Raye (A popular musician and friend of Mr. Eazi from the U.K.) and DarkoVibez, were certainly manifesting a special bond amongst themselves yet maintaining a dialogue and interaction with their fanbase and crowd. Nothing short of very cool.

Their soiree was not a touch and go affair. They certainly felt at home and toasted their New Years trajectory with Republic Bars’ famous “GinJah” (Akpeteshie Cane Spirit Ginger Shot)  and granted photo opportunities to some of their fans.


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